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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Black Mold From Water Heater Leak

This home in New Orleans Louisiana had Black Mold Growth This home had a leak from a water heater which started as a small problem that grew into a large one. T... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Slidell, LA

Party Trashes Apartment in Slidell, LAThis particular carpet cleaning job was due to a party getting too out of hand. Because the apartment owner had gone out o... READ MORE

Deep Fryer Fire In Slidell LA

Home in Slidell, LA Needed Full Remediation The kitchen was destroyed when the homeowners were using a deep fryer which caught flame. The occupants in the home ... READ MORE

House Fire In New Orleans LA

Multiple Rooms Remediated After Fire The fire in this home resulted in multiple rooms damaged. The walls had to be removed due to the damage caused by the flame... READ MORE

Washing Machine Fire Guts House

New Orleans, LA home had a washing machine fire. When we talk about fires happening in the laundry it is usually do to a dryer. But in the case of this home in... READ MORE

Sewer Cleanup in Slidell Home

Sewer Overflow Into Bathroom A simple sewage backup doesn't sound so bad until you realize the true biohazard of what just came out of your toilet. The sewers a... READ MORE

AC Leak in Office Building

SERVPRO of Slidell cleaned this water damage before it got worse. The air conditioning unit started leaking and cause flooding inside his commercial property. T... READ MORE

Pressure Washing the Parking Lot

Heavy Rains Raised Sea Levels Flood water is considered "black water" and can carry contaminates from the sea to homes and properties. Luckily for this business... READ MORE

Clean Water Loss in Office

Clean water damages are best mitigated with dehumidifiers and air movers. The great news about a clean water loss is that it is the least invasive when it comes... READ MORE

A Home Fire in New Orleans

A fire started on the outside of this home where there were some exposed electrical. It is important to do regular maintenance to keep electrical wires for shor... READ MORE

Roof Damage Caused by Fire

This commercial building had a fire inside that ended up burning through the roof. The fire had started on the outside of the building and made its way inside. ... READ MORE

Demolition After Flooding

Flood damage of this home needed to be torn out before the remediation could begin. All the trash was left on the curb for city's waste management to pick it up... READ MORE

Technicians Placing Equipment

This office had a leak from a pipe and our technicians placed air movers and a dehumidifier to dry the room. Can't it dry on its own? Water damages can dry on t... READ MORE

Storm Team in Slidell, LA

SERVPRO of Slidell Storm Team Our storm team worked tirelessly for weeks in this neighborhood tearing out flooded materials. Each of the homes had been flooded ... READ MORE

Flooding in Slidell Deposits Grime

Bathroom With Flood Damage The grime in this bathroom needed to be cleaned up after it was flooded. Flooding from the ocean brought in dirt and grime into the b... READ MORE

Air Filtration Device for Commercial Company

SERVPRO of Slidell was called to help out clinic because of smoke damage. The actual clinic did not have a damage but a nearby building caught fire and the smok... READ MORE

Removing Mold Damage

Mold can never be removed entirely from your home. The mold spores are just waiting for a bit of water to trickle in from a burst pipe or leaky roof. Once the m... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in Slidell, LA

Microscopic mold spores exist almost everywhere, outdoors and indoors, making it impossible to remove all mold from a home. There are some restoration companies... READ MORE

Garage with Mold Growth

Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors. It isn't until water is introduced that the mold begins to grow and become a problem. Demolition After ... READ MORE

Flooding in Slidell Home

A flood came into this home in Slidell, LA. The flooding made it necessary to remove the flooring of the bathroom and other areas of the home. When you call our... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup Team in Lafayette, LA

When there is a storm SERVPRO of Lafayette will be there. The storm that hit recently caused damage to many homes along the shoreline. Flood Insurance Informati... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Slidell Laundry Room

The crew of SERVPRO of Slidell were called out to this home when an electrical fire started in this laundry room and caused the damage you see in the picture. O... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Causes Serious Damage

This home had a large fire that started in the kitchen and quickly spread to the rest of the home leaving soot and smoke damage throughout. SERVPRO of Slidell w... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Removal

This home had a leak at the dishwasher which caused moisture to collect in the flooring underneath. The homeowner noticed the flooring starting show signs of be... READ MORE

Removing Mold From Behind Cabinets

This home had a severe moisture problem that lead to mold growing behind the cabinets. The homeowner had noticed a musty smell and suspected they might have mol... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion In Kitchen

The kitchen in this image was flooded when a storm drain was blocked when heavy rains carried debris into them. The water began to rise and entered the home doi... READ MORE

Local School in Slidell, LA is Flooded

Flooding from Broken Pipe in Slidell, LABroken pipes can cause a bunch of damage, especially when it happens overnight and runs for hours. There was a lot of st... READ MORE

Sewage Backup In Bathroom

Sewage backups can happen for a number of reasons, but no matter the reason, it is always a mess to clean up. This home had a sewage backup in their bathroom an... READ MORE

Washer Hookup Problems in Slidell, LA

Hookups to Washer Malfunctions SERVPRO of Slidell was called to help this older couple get their basement dry after if flooded. The malfunction happened when th... READ MORE

Water Damage In Lafayette

This home had water damage due to a burst pipe that left this room flooded. Our team arrived quickly and got right to work extracting the water and removing the... READ MORE

Slidell Storm Damage and Why SERVPRO?

Here is Why SERVPRO, when we get the call for urgent help to mitigate the water damage to a Slidell condo after a storm we are on it, fast. Our tagline of We're... READ MORE

Slidell Mold Loss Drying

When a mold infestation develops in the breakfast nook of a Slidell home, often a containment barrier is the professional start to the service. Mold spore circu... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair In Slidell

Call us when your home in Slidell experiences a fire. Our fire damage technicians are standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. You can depend on our specialist... READ MORE

Water Damage – Slidell Home

Water damage to this Slidell home was caused by a leaky PVC drain pipe from the second-floor bathroom’s tub. It was a very slow leak, so it was quite some... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Slidell Home

Fire Damage at this Slidell home was the most severe in the kitchen where it began. However, every room of the house was impacted by the soot and smoke created.... READ MORE

Water Damage – Slidell Home

Water damage to this Slidell home resulted when an overhead water line developed a leak. The leak in the water line produced damage to the attic insulation, sto... READ MORE

Pearl River Grease Fire Cleanup

An unwatched pot can lead to a new kitchen remodel in Pearl River. This fire did significant damage to the cabinets, ceiling, walls, appliances, and fixtures. S... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Slidell Home

Fire damage at this Slidell home began as a grease fire on the kitchen stovetop. As the photo shows the damage extended to the cabinetry and drywall. Fires that... READ MORE

Hammond Tornado Damage to Dialysis Clinic

When a tornado touched down in Hammond LA, it did more than just endanger the clinic and the equipment. Many local residents rely on dialysis from this clinic, ... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Slidell

Our experts received a call from a home in Slidell regarding a storm damage incident. The home suffered some water damage and need our help immediately. Our tec... READ MORE

Hammond Tornado and Water Damage

The fallen ceiling tiles and insulation resulted when a tornado ripped a hole in the roof and dumped water into this Hammond area restroom. Retail stores rely u... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Slidell Home

The water from the commode supply line burst and soaked the hallway carpet in this Slidell home with a lot of water as shown in the Before Photo. When the homeo... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Slidell

A property owner in Slidell contacted our professionals regarding a water damage event. A toilet overflowed, causing water to pour out and damage the carpet. Ou... READ MORE

Careful Mold Remediation in Slidell Home

A Slidell homeowner saw signs of mold in her guest bathroom ceiling. She brought in SERVPRO techs to remediate the issue. Upon scoping the bathroom, the techs f... READ MORE

Fast Action Saves Poplarville Kitchen From Extensive Water Damage

When a pipe behind a washing machine gave way in a Poplarville home, water damage spread through the wall into the kitchen. Although there was no standing water... READ MORE

Bush Water Damage Needs Multiple Restoration Services

SERVPRO can do so much more than water damage cleanup in Bush properties. This type of loss brings multiple challenges to the restoration process. This laundry ... READ MORE

Mandeville Needs Storm Damage Mitigation and Building Services

When storm damage happened to this Mandeville roof, it needed immediate attention to inhibit any further water loss from occurring. SERVPRO technicians scope pr... READ MORE

Leaky Toilet Brings Water Damage to Two Floors in Slidell Home

A leak from a toilet in an upper floor in this Slidell property caused water damage that affected both the upstairs bathroom and the ceiling in this garage. The... READ MORE

Slidell Storm Damage Brings Severe Flooding to Local Home

The emergency response team stands ready 24/7 to assist local Slidell properties with storm damage. When groundwater enters a home, the result can be catastroph... READ MORE

Slidell Commercial Water Damage With Many Issues

The vinyl flooring in this Slidell store presented a large-scale water damage cleanup. The tech found that the water entered the location around a door and wind... READ MORE

Storm Damage Leaves Big Wet Mess in Perkinston Living Room

Heavy rains in Perkinston caused a roof leak that affected the living room. After tarping the roof to stop any further water from entering the home, the mitigat... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos