Water Damage Photo Gallery

Two SERVPRO green air movers and a dehumidifier on a partially demolished wood floor with a visibly tarnished subfloor

Repairing Slidell Home Water Heater Damage

After the Slidell residence in this photo had a water heater failure, SERVPRO responded to provide inspections of each impacted room. After performing inspections, technicians deployed extraction, demolition, and drying equipment to ready the space for rebuilding and repairs.

Dehumidifier on a partially removed laminate floor with water damage underneath

Water Remediation for a Slidell Refrigerator Bust

The Slidell property in the photo suffered extensive water damage from a damaged refrigerator supply line. Much of the laminate flooring required removal and disposal. SERVPRO dehumidifiers like the one shown help dry the space to a pre-disaster condition.

SERVPRO equipment on tile floor by stairwell

Slidell Home Needs Both Fire and Water Damage Clean Up

A Slidell homeowner had a new fireplace installed in a master bedroom that malfunctioned on its first use during an unseasonable cold snap. SERVPRO deployed numerous air scrubbers to pull airborne particulate and improve the air quality while they cleaned the surfaces affected by water and soot. 

Laundry room with water damaged floor and exposed plumbing

Metairie Washer Floods Laundry Room Needs Water Cleanup by SERVPRO

The drainage on a washer in this Metairie home caused not only water damage but also created a favorable environment for mold growth. SERVPRO removed the vinyl tile due to exposing the substrate underneath and took out portions of the drywall for better airflow to expedite drying.

Air conditioning unit with wet insulation in attic

New Orleans Air Conditioner Drip Pan Creates Water Damage

The ceiling installation of this New Orleans air conditioner was ideal until the drain pan overflowed and caused damage to a few rooms in the home by saturating the ceilings, walls and bedding. SERVPRO techs extracted and dried the water in the home to limit the amount of damage.

SERVPRO equipment on tile floor in kitchen

SERVPRO Cleans Up Multiple Flooring with Water Damage in Slidell

A washing machine drain line backed up in this Slidell home and left a large amount of water damage on both the tile kitchen floor and hardwood floorboards in an adjoining room. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and dried the property quickly to lessen the loss.

Kitchen with SERVPRO equipment

Slidell Dishwasher Malfunction Leaves Behind Water Damage

Appliances such as a dishwasher can leave copious amounts of water damage on a floor. Fortunately, this Slidell kitchen had a ceramic tile floor with sealed grout. In the den, however, it caused the laminate flooring to lose adhesion. SERVPRO removed the kick plates and treated with antimicrobials after drying.

SERVPRO equipment in a laundry room

Poplarville Laundry Room Mishap Causes Water Damage

Water damage from a broken pipe hit this Poplarville home hard with multiple rooms affected. Water seeped under the peel and stick tile in this room delaminating the tile and needing extensive drying with the dehumidifier porting the captured moisture away as the air movers bring it to the surface.

Water removed from floor exposing rough surface ready for a new installation of tile

Water Damage In Slidell

Our water damage experts responded to a call from a homeowner in Slidell. The property suffered significant damage. Our skilled experts worked quickly and efficiently to restore this home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Slidell has the equipment and expertise to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Laundry Room Washer Leak

This carpet suffered from water damage after a washer leak.  The carpet was pulled up and air movers were used to dry under the effected areas.  Contact us at (985) 649-1516 for your water restoration needs.

Utility closet Water Loss

After a pipe leak this utility closet had signifiant amount of water in the floor.  After mitigation there was residue from the water.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up procedures.

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO has the professional restoration equipment for any type of emergency.  The team is ready for your emergency anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Contact us at (985) 649-1516.

Flood Damage in LA

This bathroom suffered from water damage after a flood in LA.  SERVPRO responded after the flood waters were gone and began drying the building.  The entire building suffered from signifiant amounts of water. 

Bathroom Demo

Our team is trained not only in cleanup, but in demolition as well. Here you can see we have taken this bathroom down to the floor sheathing in order to remove all the moisture from a water loss.

Water Damage From Dishwasher

The hose going to this dishwasher broke causing water to pour out into this kitchen. This sort of thing can happen quickly. If you have a water loss and need help, give us a call!

Leaking Washer Hoses

The hoses in this picture had to be replaced after they developed a leak that caused this room to flood. Our team came in and cleaned up all the water and repaired all the damage.