Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Heavily damaged home roof exterior with damaged shingles, flashing, and partial tarping

Helping Slidell Homeowners After Storm Roof Damage

The Slidell home in this photo needed re-tarping. SERVPRO responded quickly to the request and re-tarped one story, provided an inspection, and gave a detailed estimate per the property owner’s wishes. SERVPRO techs can render this service 24/7.

Kitchen with removed cabinets and wet floor

College Station Apartment Needs Storm Damage Restoration Services

The unseasonable cold snap that blew through College Station resulted in burst pipes that affected a total of 15 buildings with the need for controlled demolition, removal of insulation, and in some cases, flooring. SERVPRO techs worked expediently to make sure the tenants did not suffer any secondary damages.

Warehouse with random items on shelves and water on the floor

New Orleans Warehouse with Commercial Storm Damage

After a hurricane damaged the roof, this New Orleans warehouse had water damage enter the property from rainstorms that came a week later. The techs arrived to standing water that required extraction and a roof that needed temporary repairs.

Attic with framework insulation and vents

Storm Damage Hard to See in Slidell Attic

When SERVPRO technicians arrive at Slidell homes to handle storm damage, they scope the property using moisture detection equipment. Water from a damaged roof can run under insulation and is impossible to see the real scale of the cleanup needed. 

Room with falling ceiling and mop on wet tile floor

Worst Case Scenario in Slidell Storm Damage Cleanup

This home in Slidell received the most severe effects from storm damage. The ceilings got saturated from a damaged roof during heavy storms and allowed copious amounts of water to enter. The sagging ceilings and ruined walls required removal. 

SERVPRO semi-trailer

SERVPRO is Prepared for Hurricane Sally

The destruction of hurricanes can disrupt lives for prolonged periods after the storm is over. SERVPRO of Slidell is ready for whatever Hurricane Sally brings. We know how devastating these storms can be and are equipped to restore your home. 

Closet floor with water damage and pulled up carpet

Slidell Storm Damage Found Hiding in Closet

After heavy rains came through Slidell, this homeowner found a wet area in a closet and called in SERVPRO to clean up the storm damage that caused the slab leak. The techs found five feet of drywall got affected and removed it and the nearby vanity as a loss.

SERVPRO tech with drying equipment on the tile floor

Perkinston Storm Damage

This Perkinston home received storm damage from a roof leak. Fortunately, the loss got limited to the living room. The techs removed only the tiles that showed seepage underneath to open the substrate for drying.

SERVPRO equipment in the room with an exposed subfloor

Slidell Home with Storm Damage Needs Flooring Removal

SERVPRO techs arrived quickly to this Slidell home with storm damage. They were met with standing water and their equipment showed seepage into the subfloor. After the removal of the flooring, they set up drying equipment.

Storm Damage – Folsom Home

Storm damage at this Folsom, LA home was the result of a severe thunderstorm packing high winds and a great deal of rain. Windows were shattered by flying debris leading to water damage to the master bathroom, hallways, and the living room, as shown in the photo. SERVPRO of Slidell was called in to clean up the water damage and related problems due to their strong history of successful storm damage restoration projects.

Flood Water Intrusion

This room was damaged when storms caused flash flooding that resulted in a water intrusion that affected this home. As you can see, we have removed some of the damaged carpet to help remove the excess moisture.

Storm Cleanup

Recent storms caused significant damage to our area. We were prepared. Here you can see a lot of the debris from some of the structures that were damaged, bagged up and ready to be removed.

Cleaning Up Flood Water

When heavy storms affected our area, this home had a water intrusion due to flash flooding. As you can see, the damage was fairly severe. If you have storm damage, we can help. Give us a call.

Flooding in Utility Closet

Flood water can bring in all types of contaminates into your building. This utility closet had contamination from the outside and the inside left on the floor.

Call SERVPRO of Slidell if your building has flood damage.

Flooded Facility

This facility was flooded when storms caused a nearby river to rise. The swollen river left water damage and debris inside the facility. Our team responded quickly and were able to clean up the debris and repair the damage.

Storms Cause Rising Waters

This river looks peaceful now, but storms caused it to rise to levels that caused flooding in the nearby facility. It can happen quickly, and if it happens to you, call us. We will clean up the mess and make it "Like it never even happened."