Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A heavily fire-damaged laundry room with particular emphasis on damage to an electric dryer and adjacent washer

SERVPRO Mitigates Slidell Dryer Fire Damage 24/7

After the dryer in this Slidell home caught fire, SERVPRO fire restoration professionals were cleared to perform mitigation. The dryer in question, shown in this photo, impacted multiple rooms and the garage. SERVPRO performed board-up services before mitigating damage.

Kitchen fire damage collapsed ceiling and overhead cabinets, leaving debris on floor and counters and warping blinds

Extensive Slidell Kitchen Fire Damage Cleanup

The Slidell property in this photo endured a kitchen fire that partially collapsed the ceiling and damaged most of the overhead counters and the wall behind them. Insulation, sheetrock, and other debris litter the counters and floor.

Room with SERVPRO air scrubber by chairs and fireplace on hardwood floor

Slidell Home Has a Little Fire Damage and a Lot of Soot and Smoke

An unattended candle caused a fire that left every room and surface in this Slidell property affected by soot and smoke damage. SERVPRO techs used air scrubbers along with bright work to remove the surface stains. Afterward, odor control applications made the fire odors completely disappear.

Wall and ceiling with charring and fire damage

Slidell Bathroom Fire Damage Spreads Across Home

This Slidell home had double problems from both fire damage and a large leak in the bathroom wall. SERVPRO technicians covered the bathroom fixtures to protect them during the controlled demo to remove the charred sheetrock. The soot-covered appliances in the nearby kitchen which also needed deep cleaning.

Exterior of home with charring and debris nearby

Slidell Fire Damage From Generator

This home in Slidell needed help from SERVPRO after fire damage happened due to a generator catching the exterior on fire which spread to the roof. The techs cleaned up the debris outside the home and then worked on restoring the inside. 

SERVPRO tech holding chem sponge by smoke damaged wall

Slidell Fire Damage Contents Cleaning

This in-law suite in Slidell had major fire damage and the homeowner asked SERVPRO to handle the cleanup. The walls were able to remain in place and got the smoke damage removed through the use of chem sponges.

Ceiling with air vent

Bridge City Home Needs Duct Cleaning After Fire Damage

The smoke odor in this Bridge City home posts-fire damage needed assistance from SERVPRO. The technicians used their specialized equipment to capture airborne soot particulate as well as clean the ductwork to halt the potential for the spread of odors throughout the home when the HVAC was on. 

Bedroom with fire damaged mattress by bed frame

Severe Fire Damage Cleanup in Slidell

The fire suppression system caused more loss than the fire damage in this Slidell bedroom. SERVPRO technicians removed the charred items in the bedroom and moved on to extracting the water and drying the loss area. The debris required the use of a 20-yard dumpster.

Front of charred house with fire damage

New Orleans Fire Damage Cleanup From the Party Next Door

This New Orleans house shows the aftermath of fire damage caused by the next door neighbors. SERVPRO techs cleaned up the debris, tarped the roof, and secured the property to keep unauthorized persons out.

Fire Damage Restoration In Slidell

When it comes to fire damage services, our crew is your best option. Our specialists can handle any size disaster that may occur in your Slidell home. We have the expertise, training, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Slidell is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Roof Damaged By Fire

This structure had a large fire that damaged a significant portion of the interior and even burned through the roof, as you can see from the image. Our team is well trained and equipped to handle a situation like this, so if you have fire damage, call us!

Large Kitchen Fire

This kitchen had a large fire that began at the stove and quickly spread to the rest of the kitchen. We removed all the soot and damaged material and had this home repaired in no time.

Bathroom Loss after Hotel Fire

SERVPRO has the professional fire trained expertise to restore this bathroom.  The team can clean all debris from the room and contractors brought in to rebuild this room.  They have the ability to clean the smoke and soot professionally.

Fire Loss to Hotel

SERVPRO has the trained technicians and equipment for your fire restoration emergencies.  This is a picture of SERVPRO on site at a hotel after fire loss.  The technicians can professionally clean all content with professional equipment.

Hotel Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Slidell responded to this hotel fire.  They arrived to find damages to many rooms and content. We have professional fire and water damage technicians who have expertise to guide you. Contact us for your restoration needs.

Faster To Your Fire Loss

Fires leave a lot of damage in their wake, but they also leave soot everywhere. Our technicians are trained to deal with soot removal, demolition, and restoration of your home. We are available for an emergency response any time, just give us a call!