Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Slidell Storm Damage Extraction and Drying

Like many Slidell homes, this one was raised to give it a fighting chance against storm damage, however wind-driven rain entered the home on the North side and ... READ MORE

Slidell Storm Damage Hits Home Hard

This hallway in Slidell had storm damage seep in from above after roof damage and wicked into the ceiling and walls. SERVPRO technicians needed to perform a con... READ MORE

Storm Damage Leaves Big Wet Mess in Perkinston Living Room

Heavy rains in Perkinston caused a roof leak that affected the living room. After tarping the roof to stop any further water from entering the home, the mitigat... READ MORE

Slidell Storm Damage Brings Severe Flooding to Local Home

The emergency response team stands ready 24/7 to assist local Slidell properties with storm damage. When groundwater enters a home, the result can be catastroph... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Slidell

Our experts received a call from a home in Slidell regarding a storm damage incident. The home suffered some water damage and need our help immediately. Our tec... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion In Kitchen

The kitchen in this image was flooded when a storm drain was blocked when heavy rains carried debris into them. The water began to rise and entered the home doi... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup Team in Lafayette, LA

When there is a storm SERVPRO of Lafayette will be there. The storm that hit recently caused damage to many homes along the shoreline. Flood Insurance Informati... READ MORE

Flooding in Slidell Home

A flood came into this home in Slidell, LA. The flooding made it necessary to remove the flooring of the bathroom and other areas of the home. When you call our... READ MORE

Flooding in Slidell Deposits Grime

Bathroom With Flood Damage The grime in this bathroom needed to be cleaned up after it was flooded. Flooding from the ocean brought in dirt and grime into the b... READ MORE

Storm Team in Slidell, LA

SERVPRO of Slidell Storm Team Our storm team worked tirelessly for weeks in this neighborhood tearing out flooded materials. Each of the homes had been flooded ... READ MORE

Demolition After Flooding

Flood damage of this home needed to be torn out before the remediation could begin. All the trash was left on the curb for city's waste management to pick it up... READ MORE