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How To Contain Mold in Your Home

9/22/2018 (Permalink)

Mold remediation equipment in Slidell, LA

Surprisingly, there are benefits to mold in Slidell,LA. Outdoors, mold breaks down organic materials that collect on the ground. Problems arise when airborne spores land in a warm, damp indoor environment. Since mold spreads quickly, take steps to avoid mold contamination in unaffected rooms in your house.

Homeowner Steps

When you suspect mold growth in your home, take action immediately to discourage further mold contamination:

  • Turn off fans, heating and air conditioning to reduce the spread of spores through the air.
  • Stay away from moldy areas. Do not touch or clean the mold. Disturbing the mold increases the chance of additional contamination.
  • Fix the source of the moisture problem to prevent spores settling in to other habitable areas.
  • Contact a mold remediation specialist trained in proper containment techniques.

Professional Steps

Mold experts typically assess the situation and then immediately begin to contain the problem:

  • The room or area that holds the mold infestation is physically sealed off from the rest of the house. Specialists usually use plastic and polyethylene sheeting to enclose the space during remediation efforts. Vents, doors, pipes, outlets and any other sources of air out of the space are typically sealed as well.
  • Negative air pressure is utilized to hold the mold spores in the contained space. Experts often achieve this by using a negative air machine. This specialized equipment maintains lower pressure within the contained area compared to the rest of your home. During remediation efforts as spores are dislodged, the negative pressure prevents them from traveling outside of the enclosed work zone.

Discovery of mold at your home in Slidell,LA, is a problem. Properly contain the mold to prevent the problem from turning into an entire house disaster. Without containment, mold contamination can occur anywhere airborne spores travel. Before help arrives, stay away from the mold and cut off its air supply to reduce spreading. Professional mold remediation specialists then use specialized techniques to contain the area throughout the remediation process.

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